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Shivaye says last time, you posted pics of me and Mallika, and it was issue. Anika says theft, it was falling down and I was keeping it. Rudra says Anika has magical powers that work on Shivaye, he becomes homely and does everything which she says. Rudra asks him to compare Anika with Tia, Tia blamed her of theft, even when Anika said again and again that she was keeping it, not taking it. She says I have went to temple with Pinky for your early return. She says now that we remember this, its better late than never. Rudra asks Anika how do you convince eyes, I just know to make puppy eyes, but its success rate got low now. Rudra says I have seen king kong movie, a beauty made him Paaltu/pet animal and made him eat banana. Rudra says yes but, you have made him homely, Shivaye used to break many phones before, and now it got less.

Tia says I have to click pics and post on my social account. Tia starts saying how could you take it without asking, its like theft, you know its so expensive. Tia says when did I say she has stolen it, I just reacted. She gets senti and says anyways, visarjan was possible because of Anika. He says we took each other granted and forgot relations are sensitive. She says yes, its late and Sahil is waiting at home. Om asks him to shut up and thanks Anika for convincing Shivaye to come for Visarjan.

She keeps holding it though, going about her day, drinking steady... The room, called the "Leaky Faucet" () is hosted by a service called "Chatzy." If you have never worked with it before, here's a small sampling...

amusement park called busch gardens I never have the urge to pee I guess I hold it in the whole time I am there which is usually from in the afternoon to 8:oo in the evening and when I get home I start to feel my pee dribbing out. I'd love to have a like, super "high risk" contest in public or somewhere really crowded where toilets aren't an option and the loser can't change their pants or hide their "accident" at all. I decided 2 pee alot 2-day while everyone was away. My strongest motivation to hold my pee is when a female tease me of holding my pee . We could meet at a hotel, where no one knows either of us. I had on a blue T-Shirt with animals on it and a pair of white shorts...

Dadi says we will feed sweets to Ganpati and do his Bidaai, I will get curd and sugar. Bua smiles and holds his face, asking what happened, you were happy and said Anika will take you to pandal, she acts like real sister. Bua says you worry for Anika, go and lessen her burden, go and earn money. Tej says its for such weak people like you, not me.

Rudra says Paaltu, I mean Om saying Faaltu shayari, I have to study a lot, I will go. Shivaye says yes, it will be much traffic, its visarjan day, Anika should leave, take my driver, he will drop you, you may not get auto, and thank you. Shakti says tirat yatra is necessary to get heart peace.

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